LT1490ACMS8#PBF - 

Operational Amplifier, Dual, 2 Amplifier, 200 kHz, 0.06 V/µs, ± 1.25V to ± 22V, MSOP, 8 Pins


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± 1.25V to ± 22V
2 Amplifier
MSL 1 - Unlimited
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Descrição geral do produto

The LT1490ACMS8#PBF is a dual over-the-top micropower rail-to-rail input and output Operational Amplifier with a low input offset voltage of 500µV max. The LT1490A operates on all single and split supplies with a total voltage of 2 to 44V, drawing only 40µA of quiescent current per amplifier. This amplifier is reverse supply protected and draws virtually no current for reverse supply up to 18V. The input range includes both supplies and the output swings to both supplies. Unlike most micropower op amp, the LT1490A can drive heavy loads, its rail-to-rail outputs drive 20mA. It is unity-gain stable and drive all capacitive loads up to 10000pF when optional 0.22µF and 150R compensation is used. This op amp has an unique input stage that operates and remains high impedance when above the positive supply. Built-in resistors protect the inputs for faults below the negative supply up to 15V. There is no phase reversal of the output for inputs 15V below V- or 44V above V-, independent of V+.
  • Low input offset voltage (500µV maximum)
  • Output swings to 10mV maximum from V-
  • Rail-to-rail input and output
  • 50µA/Amplifier maximum micropower
  • Over-The-Top® input common mode range extends 44V above V-, independent of V+
  • Specified on 3, 5 and ±15V supplies
  • High output current (20mA)
  • Output drives 10000pF with output compensation
  • Reverse battery protection to 18V
  • No supply sequencing problems
  • High voltage gain (1500V/mV)
  • High CMRR (98dB)
  • No phase reversal


Power Management, Alternative Energy, Portable Devices, Sensing & Instrumentation, Signal Processing


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