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No business can afford unplanned downtime or equipment breakdowns in today’s tremendously competitive market. Such occurrences can cause delays, disappoint customers and result in lost business.

Today, organizations are constantly monitoring the condition and operating performance of their equipment to prevent unwanted downtime and to reduce costs. While focusing on assets in this way represents an area of opportunity, many organizations lack visibility into their assets’ health and performance in order to develop predictive strategies.

There are several types of maintenance processes: reactive maintenance, preventive and predictive maintenance. The type of maintenance processes the company uses can have a striking impact on avoiding equipment failure and operational interruptions.

This white paper presents the concepts of predictive maintenance and explains why companies are adopting predictive maintenance programs to maximize asset productivity. The PdM system captures and analyses log, measurement and failure data based on usage and wear characteristics of the asset. It then processes information and provides the following benefits:

  • Identifies key factors responsible for machine failure
  • Determines the probability of predictive outcomes
  • Improves decision making

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