BELDEN  9913F7 B59100  Coaxial Cable, Brilliance®, Black, 10 AWG, 7 x 0.912mm, 100 ft, 30.5 m

BELDEN 9913F7 B59100
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Descrição geral do produto

The 9913F7 B59100 is a Coaxial Cable with stranded bare copper conductor and gas-injected foam HDPE insulation. This RG8 coaxial cable comes with a Belflex® black PVC blend jacket, Duofoil® bonded aluminium foil-polyester tape shield (100% coverage) and Duobond® II tinned copper braid shield (90% coverage). The Duobond II (foil/braid) is a laminated shielding tape consisting of aluminium foil with an extra layer of heat-sensitive adhesive bonding the foil shield to the dielectric core. This foil shield provides 100% coverage and ensures maximum shield protection with an outer braid applied for greater protection against interference and to increase the overall tensile strength. The coaxial cable is perhaps the most common, basic and easy-to-understand cables. Basically, this cable is used to transmit electrical energy or signals, from one location to another, to connect a source to a load, such as a transmitter to an antenna.
  • 210lbs Maximum recommended pulling tension
  • 0.059µH/ft Nominal inductance
  • 85% Nominal velocity of propagation
  • 1.1R/1000ft at 20°C Nominal conductor DC resistance (DCR)
  • 1.8R/1000ft at 20°C Nominal outer shield DC resistance (DCR)
  • -40 to 80°C Operating temperature range

Informação do produto

Jacket Colour:
Wire Gauge:
Conductor Area CSA:
No. of Max Strands x Strand Size:
7 x 0.912mm
Reel Length (Imperial):
Reel Length (Metric):
Jacket Material:
Conductor Material:
External Diameter:
Coaxial Cable Type:
Product Range:

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  • Communications & Networking

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País de origem:
United States

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