B57153S0150M000 - 

Thermistor, ICL NTC, 15 ohm, -20% to +20%, Radial Leaded, B57153S0 Series

EPCOS B57153S0150M000

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Código Farnell
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B57153S0 Series
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Informação do produto

B57153S0 Series
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Descrição geral do produto

The B57153S0150M000 is an NTC Thermistor with kinked leads of tinned copper wire and coated thermistor disk. This B57153S0 series thermistor is useable in series connections up to 265Vrms. It is marked with manufacturer's logo, NTC and resistance value stamped on. A lead (wire) may be bent at a minimum distance of twice the wire's diameter plus 4mm from the component head or housing. When bending ensure the wire is mechanically relieved at the component head or housing. The bending radius should be at least 0.75mm. Twisting (torsion) by 180° of a lead bent by 90° is permissible at 6mm from the bottom of the thermistor body. Soldering can use resin-type flux or non-activated flux. The soldering due to insufficient preheating may cause ceramic cracks. Suitable for inrush current limiting and switch-mode power supplies.
  • Bending radius should be at least 0.75mm
  • 1.4W Maximum power


Safety, Power Management

Notas de rodapé

The self-heating of a thermistor during operation depends on the load applied and the applicable dissipation factor. Gloves are recommended.


Avoid contamination of thermistors surface during storage, handling and processing. Do not touch components with bare hands. Washing process may damage due to possible static/cyclic mechanical loads.